Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Versatile Blogger's Award

I am honored to be recognized and for being awarded with the "Versatile Blogger Award" from Delishhh. Delishhh is a dedicated food blogger, does not like olives, has a great style of writing and prefers her peanut butter and chocolate to be separate.

As a tradition of this award, I have to share seven random things about myself. So here they are:

1. I love chocolate, so I have to spend a lot a of effort to try things with ingredients other than chocolate.
2. I like to use the proper equipment in my kitchen, so I try to update my utensil inventory often.
3. I love Arabian cuisine and plan to include recipes of the same here too.
4. Baking comes to me in phases, so sometimes it is a cake only phase, sometimes, cookies, and sometimes I just move over to some over the stovetop recipes, rather than in the oven ones.
5. Don't tell anyone, but I have to work hard on my cookies, they don't come out perfect the first time. I guess practice will make me perfect.
6. I enjoy shopping. There is a reason they call it therapy.
7.A good recipe, a good assignment submission, and a good software, all give me the same pleasure. Weird, huh?

I also have to share 7 blogs I have discovered and pass on the award, so here is my list

1. Bake at 350 - Cool cookie recipes and ideas, specially cookie decoration. Love it.
2. Heaven is a Cupcake - I followed her on facebook, and now she has a blog. She does some amazing multicolored cupcake decorations.
3. The Purple Foodie - For the South Asian touch to her recipes
4. Bake Fresh - She  makes really beautiful fondant cakes, which can be seen on her facebook group.
5. Sweet Tooth - I love desserts. Period.
6. Everyday Home Cook - Well, one has to make other things besides desserts and cakes.
7. Sweetopia - She not only has recipes, she has tutorials on her site too.


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