Know Me

I am Silver Rose, in every sense except literal. I also am a self proclaimed blogger. I blog about my experiments in the kitchen here. For other musings, I have another blog.

I love baking (and sometimes cooking). Ok, that's actually pretty obvious by the name of my blog, but somethings just need to be stressed upon. I also love photography, which I  inherit from my father (those who do know my father will find it hard to accept but trust me, I know him more than you).

By profession I am a has-been Software Quality Assurance Engineer, and am a lecturer at a local women university. Since I love studying, every two years I proudly acquire the student status again by opting for yet another course.

I consider myself to be a kitchen evangelist meant to bring a revolution in the sad little kitchen world and the lives of all the kitchen queens out there. It's all about revolutions these days, and I am destined to play my role this way. I also blog at Periodic Reflections about my priceless views on the world and it's happenings.

If you like what you see here leave a comment on the blog; if you don't, again leave a comment. Like all self- important human beings, I appreciate your praise (A) , but I can also take your criticism with grace, therefore, your feedback will very much be valued.